3rd Hajjar Mountain HOG Rally Biker Team Challenge - Game Day Rules
(games will be run until around 1-4 pm)
  • Each group is invited to enter a team of six bikes, with rider and pillion.
  • Both rider and passenger are scored individually
  • A rider can sign up with up to 1 passenger.
  • A passenger can sign up with up to 1 rider.
  • Rider and passenger get participation points per game as described below.
  • An individual rider and passenger can only get points for highest score in each game,
  • Both rider and passenger must be signed up to get points.
  • The games will be run over a laid course.
  • All bikes must complete the course.
The course will be as follows:

Stage 1 - S turn (rider)
This is a timed event. Possible points = 3
  • Rider starts at start point and must not put feet on ground or touch either side of taped course until front wheel passes finish mark.
  • The object is for the rider to negotiate the s course as slow as possible without disqualification.
  • The longest time wins.
Stage 2 - Ball and cone (rider & passenger)
Possible points, rider 1, pillion 6
  • Rider and passenger start on the bike 10 feet from line of cones bike can pass on either side of cones.
  • Rider will come as close to cones without touching cones.
  • Bike's front tire must cross the finish marker before stopping or putting foot down.
  • If bike or rider touches a cone, or puts a foot on the ground, the team is disqualified regardless of balls balanced.
  • Passenger will try to balance a ball on top of each cone as they pass by.
  • Passenger must face forward and have both feet on foot pegs or foot boards.
  • The team with the most balls balanced on top of the cones wins.
  • In case of a tie, a "balance off" will determine the winner.
Stage 3 - Water balloon (rider & passenger) transfer
Possible points, rider 1, pillion 1
  • Rider positions bike at start line.
  • Pillion collects water balloon from and start basket and placed whole in the finish basket to score.
  • Water balloon must travel over the obstacles, bike rider and pillion must go under obstacles needs to be carried.
  • Passenger raises up off seat to toss balloon over bar and then catch balloon.
  • Scoring is done by placing undamaged water balloon into finish basket.
  • Passenger must face forward with both feet on
  • Passenger pegs.
  • Rider cannot put foot down until front tire crosses line 3 feet beyond obstacle.
Stage 4 - Weenie bite (rider & passenger)
Possible points, rider 1, pillion 1
  • Rider positions bike at start line and in line with weenie, which is held up above passenger
  • On a string, rides under weenie.
  • Passenger rises up off seat to bite weenie.
  • Passenger must bite weenie off fork
  • Completely to score, not pull off of the fork.
  • Passenger must face forward with both feet on
  • Passenger pegs.
  • Rider cannot put foot down until front tire crosses line 3 feet beyond weenie.
Stage 5 - Slow race (rider & pillion)
  • Contestants must all start at same time else restart
  • They must stay in their lane and not put foot down else disqualification.
  • Contestants must complete course to qualify.
  • If a rider puts foot down before front tire crosses end tape or tire crosses lane marker tape. Stop immediately in lane until heat is completed.
  • Only 1st place in each heat goes to final.
  • Staging personnel assure that no one runs alone
  • Set up 3 ft lanes separated by 3 ft lanes, run 3-4 at a time in elimination until 1st and 2nd places are
  • Determined. If only 1 bike left, scorers may wave them to finish but they Must not disqualify in doing so.
Poker run
When 09:00 – 12:30
  • start hotel registration
  • Best three hands score for the team challenge
  • 5 locations tba
  • all locations must be visited to score.
  • Crazy golf
  • At the mini golf course
  • 3 competitors per team
  • Lowest three score cards count to the team challenge
  • Bucking bronco
  • 3 entries per team
  • Longest time scores points
Contact Details
For more information or to confirm your involvement, please contact:

Al hajjar rally chapter challenge co-ordinators
Mobile: +971 5560 36 312

Kevin Smith – hog dubai chapter director
Mobile: +971 50 891 4253
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